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A woman named Jessica is lying on the bed without wearing anything except for the yellow necklace. Her hair is blonde and wet. She wears a light make up and pink lipstick. Opened her legs and showed her shaved pussy. The man is sitting next to her. He is not wearing any clothes on. He used his right hand to hold his dick near to Jessica’s face. He puts his cock cream all over Jessica’s face, tits and right arm. Jessica used her right hand to touch the man’s hand and opened her mouth. His right leg has touched the black headboard.

Kacey Jordan

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Kacey Jordan is the naked babe sitting on a white couch inside the room. She has blonde straight hair and pink lips. Her boobs are showing and it has erect nipples. She wears an orange necklace. Kacey puts her hands on each side and slightly turned her head at the right side of her body. Her eyes are half way close as she looks at the man who is standing next to her. He showed his dick and used his left hand to hold it.  He scattered his cum to Kacey’s face. The wall inside the room is light blue.


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Two men are squatting next to the couch without wearing any clothes on. The man on the right is looking at the other guy. He has brown hair. Three naked women are doing a doggy style position on the brown floor covered with a plastic. One is kneeling in the middle and her name is Ivana. She touched the butt of the blonde in the middle with her two hands. She is looking at her ass and let the sperm drop to the floor. The one on the right has black hair and turned her face at the left side of her body.


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Amia has black long hair with a pony tail hairstyle. She wears a light make up and has pink lips. She has a tattoo on her right arm.  Closed her eyes and opened her mouth as the dude on her left side puts his sperm on her face and scattered it on her left shoulder. There is another dude and a babe behind Amia. The babe is looking at her body with slightly closed eyes and open mouth. She has round tits with pink nipples. She touched Amia’s right arm with her right hand. Her hair is light brown and has pony tail style like Amia’s.


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Evilyn is the babe kneeling on the blue cloth. She is not wearing anything except for her pair of earrings and make up. Her hair is brown and messy.  She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and showed her tongue out. The guy behind her is touching her ass with his right hand. He has hairy legs and arms. The girl on her left side has placed her right hand at her back and used her left hand to hold Evilyn’s chin. She wears a necklace and has blue nail color. The guy in front of her is jerking off and scattered his juice all over her face.


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Stephani gets a salty surprise from the boy at the back. She is wearing a grey blouse and it is already wet especially on the left shoulder part. She turned her face at the left side of her body and tries to avoid the sperm which is thrown at her. The cutie on the right side is staring at her with a big smile. She’s wearing a blue tops on and a black skirt. The dude in front of her is looking at Stephani and tries to stand up. They are all inside of the classroom with brown tables and black chairs.

Charley Chase

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Charley Chase is the name of the girl who is lying on a brown floor with two other butt naked girls. She has black short hair and wears make up. Her round knockers are showing. It has erect brown nipples. Charley placed her left hand in the middle of her thighs and crossed her feet. And that makes her honey pot undiscovered as she enjoys her cum shower. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth while the boy in front of her sprinkled his spaff all over her face. He is holding his dick with his right hand with a yellow gloves.

Victoria Rae Black

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Four ladies and three men are inside the room. All of them are not wearing anything except their black bra. Victoria Rae Black wears a strap on her body. She has red lips and thin eyebrows. Closed her eyes and slightly opened her mouth. While the three men spreads their jerk sauce on her face.  The boy on the right is holding his cock with his right hand. He has a tattoo on his wrist. Victoria turned her face at the right side of her body and is facing right in front of his cock. She placed both of her hands on the upper part of her breast.


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Samantha is wearing nothing but a silver necklace with a heart pendant. She has blonde hair with a pony tail hairstyle. Her hair is messy. She wears a light make up and has dark eye shadow. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Her upper teeth are showing. She is looking upwards with her hands on each side. The woman next to her is closing her eyes and widely opens her mouth to show her tongue out. The boy on the left side of her is showing his cock. He used his right hand to jerk off in Samantha’s face.


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Erica is the blonde who is kneeling on the floor in the middle of other girls. Her hair is long and messy. It has reached down to her tits. She wears nothing but accessories like bracelet on her right wrist and pair of earrings. Her pouting lips is pink. She has bangs. She turned her face at the left side of her body and tries to close her eyes. The splooge is distributed on the right side of her face and drops down to her tits. Her right nipple is showing. Erica placed both of her hands near her face.